Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quatermass And The Pit




For early British television viewing audiences, one of the  most memorable heroes was Professor Bernard Quatermass, who saved the world with some regularity during the 1950's.


He  has been described as Britain's first television hero.


Created for the BBC by writer Nigel Kneale, Quatermass appeared in three popular, and influential, science-fiction television serials.  The character also appeared in films, print, and on the radio over a period of 50 years, with a recent remake of the first serial appearing on BBC Four in 2005.


The first appearance of Professor Quatermass was in 1953, in The Quatermass Experiment.   It was followed by Quatermass II in 1955, with a new actor playing the lead.  


The third, and arguably best of the series aired in 1959, starring André Morell.    It was called Quatermass and the Pit.


These shows were produced live, with some filmed segments (mostly exterior shots) interspersed where needed.    Listed by The British Film Institute as one of the 100 Greatest British Television ProgrammesQuatermass and the pit has achieved a bit of a cult status.  



The Quatermass stories have been turned into feature films, with probably 1967's  Five Million Years To Earth, a remake of Quatermass and the Pit, being the best remembered of the lot.



While only two episodes of the original series, The Quatermass Experiment, are known to exist, we are fortunate to have the entire series of the second two outings.   


Here then are the six episodes of Quatermass and the Pit.






















Note: These shows are hosted on GUBA (I don't host any files myself).  How long they will remain available is up to that site.  My recommendation is to watch them while you can.

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A scary treat indeed! Even better than the much-edited cinema remake!