Saturday, March 7, 2009

Changes Coming to Master Of My Public Domain




For those who like the site the way it is, have no fears.  A large portion of what happens here will not change.    I will continue to showcase public domain movies, radio shows, and TV shows from the golden age of broadcasting.


But in addition, I'll be adding some new categories. 


Not exactly Public Domain . . . but freely available media on the Internet. I will attempt (where possible) to differentiate between public domain and other types of media. 


But there is an expanding universe of fascinating programming legally available online.   TV networks now stream many of their shows, often within 24 hours of their initial broadcast.   Sites like HULU and AOL provide classic TV shows for free.


These aren't public domain . . . but they are free for you to watch.


And there is a growing sector of original programming coming from very talented people on the Internet.   The production values, given the budgets and tools they have to work with, are sometimes astonishing.


Many of these are short films, but some run 20 - 30 - even 60 minutes in length. 


There are performing artists - real talent - that are out there on the Internet, hoping to reach a larger audience.  And they too deserve some exposure.   


And I'll be introducing `quickies', which are some of the best, or at least the most entertaining, film clips from movies or variety shows from years gone by.   


Of course, I'll try to provide some background information on these classic performances. 


There will only be two basic criteria for inclusion in this blog.


First, everything I will reference must be available without charge.  And second . . . I have to find it entertaining. 


A subjective litmus test, I admit . . . but that's the advantage to having my own blog.  I get to make the rules.


A word of warning:  Often these links either disappear or are changed over time.   If you see something that interests you, you probably should click through to it sooner than later.

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