Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Stand By . . .







Unless you live in a cave, you are no doubt aware of the rapidly developing outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico, and now the United States.


Although my love for OTR, classic movies, and television is great, my `real job’ as a blogger is in the public health arena.   I write on emerging infectious diseases in general, and pandemics in particular.


As you might imagine, I’m pretty busy right now.


I would invite you to visit my other blog, the AVIAN FLU DIARY, for the latest information on what might turn out to be the next pandemic.   It is really too soon to tell yet, but it is a possibility.


I can’t say how long it will be, but when things calm down a bit, I plan to return to writing entries here.


Until then, get informed, get prepared, and stay safe.

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