Sunday, May 24, 2009

Themes Like Old Times








Somewhere around 1971 or 1972 I came across an LP of old radio themes and show openings called `Themes Like Old Times’.  


At the time I knew a little about OTR (Old Time Radio), and had heard my parents talk about its heyday often, but really wasn’t a big fan.   But I enjoyed listening to the LP.


Over the years, I lost that album.  But recently, in doing an Internet search, I found that someone from South Africa (an OTR enthusiast) had posted both sides of the album on their website in MP3 format.


For those who remember old time radio, these 90 audio snippets are bound to bring back a lot of memories.  For others, who perhaps are thinking about trying some shows out, they give at least a little glimpse into the formats.


I’ve put the list of themes at the end of this blog.  












Side 1

  1. Prologue
  2. The Mysterious Traveller
  3. The Jimmy Durante Show
  4. The Falcon
  5. X Minus One
  6. The House Of Mystery
  7. Fibber McGee And Molly
  8. Valiant Lady
  9. Amos 'N' Andy
  10. Suspense
  11. Town Hall Tonight
  12. Easy Aces
  13. Philco Radio Time
  14. The Tom Mix Ralston Straightshooters
  15. Life Can Be Beautiful
  16. Lux Radio Theatre
  17. Boston Blackie
  18. The Answer Man
  19. Uncle Dan
  20. The Guiding Light
  21. Can You Top This?
  22. Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
  23. Vic And Sade
  24. Mark Trail
  25. Major Bowes
  26. Original Amateur Hour
  27. Here's Morgan
  28. The Aldrich Family
  29. True Detective Mysteries
  30. Stella Dallas
  31. Myrt And Marge
  32. The Charlie McCarthy Show
  33. Grand Central Station
  34. The Whistler
  35. Against The Storm
  36. The Eddie Cantor Show
  37. Chandu The Magigian
  38. Lights Out
  39. Melody Ranch
  40. The Shadow
  41. Backstage Wife
  42. Mr. District Attorney
  43. The Story Of Dr. Kildare
  44. Nick Carter, Master Detective

Side 2

  1. Hop Harrigan
  2. It Pays To Be Ignorant
  3. Pepper Young's Family
  4. I Love A Mystery
  5. The Marlin Hurt And Beulah Show
  6. The Pepsodent Show
  7. The Bill Stern Sports Newsreel
  8. The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
  9. Gangbusters
  10. Philip Morris Playhouse
  11. Lorenzo Jones
  12. Superman
  13. The Lone Ranger
  14. Captain Midnight
  15. National Barn Dance
  16. Gunsmoke
  17. The Witch's Tale
  18. Double Or Nothing
  19. The Green Hornet
  20. Benny Goodman's Swing School
  21. A Helping Hand
  22. Richard Diamond, Private Eye
  23. Ma Perkins
  24. Michael Shayne
  25. The Joe Penner Show
  26. The Ed Wynn Show
  27. Bulldog Drummond
  28. Your Hit Parade
  29. Red Ryder
  30. Big Sister
  31. Maxwell House Coffee Tiem
  32. The Taystee Breadwinner
  33. Right To Happiness
  34. The Lucky Strike Program
  35. Terry And The Pirates
  36. Let Yourself Go
  37. Jack Armstrong
  38. The Coke Club
  39. Young Dr. Malone
  40. Duffy's Tavern
  41. The FBE In Peace And War
  42. The Lum 'N' Abner Show
  43. Lets Pretend
  44. The Hardy Family
  45. The Firstnighter Program
  46. What Was The Name Of The Shave Cream He Used To Sell?


Anonymous said...

I bought this album around 1969, to the best of my recollection. For a kid trying to get his hands on anything and everything having to do with old time radio, it really seemed like manna from heaven. I still think it is one of the best possible intros to the world of OTR for younger people who wonder about the range and tone of OTR. It's still amazing.

Thank you so much for posting this.

By the way, I keep seeing a vinyl album called "Seems Like Old Times II" or something like that offered on ebay. Ever heard that one? I am tempted, but haven't seen a playlist.

Thanks again.

knowston said...

to listen to the entire set of
"Themes Like Old Times" volumes one and two visit

Anonymous said...

Thanks, knowston!