Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And Now, A Lucky Strike Extra . . .




Yes, this is a reprint of a blog I posted last November.  Since then, I’ve picked up some new readers, and I figured that a lot of them may not have gone that far back into the archives – so they won’t have seen this.

I so enjoyed reading this book, I wanted to take this opportunity to plug it again. 




Back in September of last year, when I began this blog, my second entry was called 'Twas Rock & Roll That Killed Your Hit Parade,  which looked back at the Lucky Strike Hit Parade show of the early 1950's.










Dorothy Collins From Your Hit Parade


Shortly thereafter I received a very kind email from Andrew Lee Fielding, whose mother Sue Bennett was one of the early stars of television, and a regular on Your Hit Parade.


We exchanged several emails, and Andrew told me about a book he had written about his mother's career and early television.   He was nice enough to send me a copy.




The book is called  The Lucky Strike Papers,   and is published by Bear Manor Media.   Andrew also has his own blog which I am putting in my sidebar links column.


Although Andrew sent me the book a month ago, I wanted a quiet day to enjoy the book.  Such a day was today.  And enjoy it I did.


For anyone curious at all about the early days of live television, and the transition from radio to TV as being the dominant form of home entertainment, this book is a delight.


Fielding guides us through the early years of TV, mostly through his Mother's career, which took her from the Kay Kyser Show, to the Freddy Martin Show, and onto Your Hit Parade.


Although just recently published, Andrew began researching this book, and conducting interviews with many of the pioneers of early television, back in the late 1970's.


The book is filled with wonderful anecdotes, rare photos, and a rich and abundant history of early television.


It makes a worthy addition to anyone's library, and would make a terrific gift for anyone with a love of nostalgia.  You can order it HERE.


Highly recommended.

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