Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Shameless Promotion






While I try to keep this blog on-topic, today I intend to stray a bit, although hopefully you’ll find something entertaining and interesting herein.


I belong to a truly talented family.  Sadly, I’m easily identified as the one without any discernable talent.


But my daughter and my brother make up for this regrettable genetic oversight.


You’ll find a link to my brother’s blog - Have Banjo Will Travel - on my sidebar.  Jim lives in Thailand now (and loves it!), and travels over the world as an entertainer (managing to stay one step ahead of music critics for nearly 3 decades!). 


His blog is both an entertainer’s diary, and a terrific introduction to Thailand.  


Jim has also met, and worked with, hundreds of entertainers over the years, and many of his essays involve stars from the golden age of TV, radio, and movies.  


A sample of his show from YouTube.



You can find more about brother Jim at his website



My daughter, Misty, is an artist, and has recently created a gallery of her work on the Internet.   Her paintings are intriguing and unique, and most importantly  . . .  for sale. 


A couple of small samples, but please, follow this link to view her gallery (click on the small pictures to enlarge) l'art de Mistie (MMC).






I’m putting a link in my sidebar to her website, so that you can return often.  Use the Email link on her site if you see something you are interested in.


As for me, most of you probably are aware that I have another blog -  Avian Flu Diary -  which covers emerging infectious diseases, public health, and preparedness issues.    


The nearly 4,500 posts I’ve written on those subjects may not show talent . . but they do show persistence.

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