Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Terrific Repository Of Classic TV, Radio, And Movies





While several family matters have distracted me from my regular posting on this site (soon to resume), I have found an absolutely terrific (and growing) repository of public-domain radio, TV, music, and movies where you can download or watch online some of the best entertainment the golden age ever produced.

Run by Jimbo Berkey, files are fast to download, and the layout a pleasure to navigate.  You’ll also a good deal of background information about the movies and shows he presents.

So check out:

And if all that weren’t enough, Jimbo also has a terrific selection of free classic games you can play as well.


Anonymous said...

Can these shows be rebroadcast on public community television stations ie Pubiic, Education, Government (PEG) community channels or are there copyright restrictions.

digitalsavant said...

"Public domain" items are just that free to the public. They have no copyrights and therefore no use restrictions. Either the original creator allowed it to laps or the content was created copyright free. The only catch is music. Some public domain films and television shows have music which is still in copyright ownership. Two which come to mind are "It's A Wonderful Life" movie and the “Beverly Hill Billies” TV show. Public domain content can be incorporated into new formats and then registered as the new item, an example is "Science fiction theater 2000" public domain movies but the show which includes the PD movies is has copyrights. There are several publications listing totally public domain items that can be used as reference and are recommended by the U.S. copyright office. I hope this answers the question.